JUNK! is a queer-femme-run collective, providing artists with an outlet to create.


JUNK! believes:

- black lives matter

- defund the police

- abolish ICE

fuck donald trump

love is love

- my body my choice

therefore, at all JUNK! shows there is no room for:

- r pists

- racists

- sexists

- homophobia

- transphobia

- sexual ass ulters



my name is quynn lubs (instagram: @quynnlubs)

i created JUNK! when i was 17. finding the punk scene genuinely gave me a home. i never fit in in high school, especially in the white-flight suburb of santa clarita that i grew up in. so, when i started going to shows, i was able to find a place where people accepted me. i created JUNK! because i wanted to provide this home to other teenagers like me, who don't really feel like they have a place they belong.


JUNK! is my passion; throwing shows, creating magazines, filming interviews, and overall providing people with an outlet to create.


i always see those ads everywhere for those junk removal businesses. there's a billboard near my house that says "we'll help you get rid of junk!" to me, this kind of makes me think about how punk in general is looked down upon by society. we're a pain in their ass. we expose injustices and flaws in their system, and we go as far as to sort of remove ourselves from society because that's the biggest "fuck you" to their bullshit system. junk, the garbage, is discarded and looked down upon. kind of reminds me of how punks are looked down upon just for being different, even though punks are some of the best and nicest people i have ever met. society can try to get rid of us all they want, but we're here to stay.


- if you are at a JUNK! show and experience any sort of harassment (sexual assault, racist comments, homophobia, transphobia, etc.) come and find quynn or one of our other volunteers. people who create a toxic environment will be removed and banned from attending future JUNK! shows

- all JUNK! shows are $5 and under to ensure that everyone who wants to can attend. no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. pay what you can!

- if you volunteer, you get in free!

- the money made from a show (door fees, merch sales, etc.) will be split up between JUNK! and the bands (1/2 of funds goes to JUNK!, 1/2 is split up amongst the bands who play).  

- all JUNK! shows will provide free water!

- mosh at your own risk! if you get hurt in the pit, JUNK! is not liable!


JUNK! needs volunteers! people to work the ticket booth at the entrance, people to sell merch, people to work the sound equipment, etc.! if you would like to volunteer, contact us through social media or through email!


- free entrance to the show you are working

- priority when it comes to your band playing the next JUNK! show, vending, or putting your art in a volume of our magazine

you can also help us out by purchasing items through our depop! all money made through depop sales goes right back into improving the business :)